Thursday, 29 March 2012

What Is Love !


Its All About Love
Love is indeed a feeling, Expressed with eyes,
And not merely with the lips...♥♥

Love is the affection,which grows gradually,
Starts at the first sight, And lasts till we survive!...♥♥

Love is caring for someone, A Wife cares about her husband,
Remains awake until he comes, goes to bed only after he finishes his food...♥♥

Love is when a girl, talks to her beloved,
Non-Stop for hours, without getting bored!...♥♥

Love is when an old woman, Pardons her spoil son,
Even after he hurts her, throws her out of his home...♥♥

Love is when a lover, Sheds his tears,
for that person for whom, he left his near and dear ones...♥♥

Love Is The madness that i did, I loved her from depth of my heart.
She found someone and left me alone,This painful injury is called "LOVE" ♥♥♥


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