Thursday, 29 March 2012

What Is Love !


Its All About Love
Love is indeed a feeling, Expressed with eyes,
And not merely with the lips...♥♥

Love is the affection,which grows gradually,
Starts at the first sight, And lasts till we survive!...♥♥

Love is caring for someone, A Wife cares about her husband,
Remains awake until he comes, goes to bed only after he finishes his food...♥♥

Love is when a girl, talks to her beloved,
Non-Stop for hours, without getting bored!...♥♥

Love is when an old woman, Pardons her spoil son,
Even after he hurts her, throws her out of his home...♥♥

Love is when a lover, Sheds his tears,
for that person for whom, he left his near and dear ones...♥♥

Love Is The madness that i did, I loved her from depth of my heart.
She found someone and left me alone,This painful injury is called "LOVE" ♥♥♥
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Every Time I Look In Your Eyes



Every time I look into your eyes,

It seems as if I am in a paradise,

your words rhyme like a perfect song,

I want you close all day and night long,

and whenever I hold your hand,

I somehow know you'll understand,

Only you can see through my heart,

I promise we will never be apart..!!
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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Chat With God !


Do U have any problem ??
u always wanted 2 talk with God ! Rite ??
so here is a cool way to chat with God.
Just Go on the link below, n god is there to chat with you ;)

Chat With God !

So Enjoy Friends :D
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Sunday, 11 March 2012

In My Dreams, You Are Mine Forever !!!



I tried to live all my dreams,
but, it was harder than it seems,
Now they sleep inside my eyes,
More like a long lost paradise..!!
Dreams get alive again every night,
and appear to be perfectly alright,
Sometimes its very hard to believe,
whether its real or something I perceive..!!
Whats worth every second inside,
is that my heart has nothing to hide,
The only place where there is no secret,
and where my heart has no regret..!!
For every lie that you ever told,
My heart turned into an ocean so cold,
What else could my heart ever seek,
A dream where, its never so weak..!!
<p>Tears shed through my eyes like rain,
made me strong to never love again,
I sometimes wonder what hurts more,
Lonely life or I have nothing to fight for..!!
I never had any clue since the start,
that someday you'll rip my heart apart,
we were never meant to be together, but,
In my dreams we are together forever..!!
If dreams are meant for when I am asleep,
Don;t wake me up from heaven so deep,
No matter what I lose on this way,
because here you never walk away..!!
What my open eyes could never see,
was shown by beautiful dreams to me,
I got to spend a life in love with you,
No matter if dreams never come true..!!
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Love We Have Is Pure And True



When we stand beneath sky so blue,
on sand that feels so cold and wet, 
I just want to be close to you,
may it be sunrise or sunset, even if I get just a moment or two,
that moment is impossible to forget,
coz love we have is pure and true,
and inside my heart there is no regret..!!
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