Friday, 28 October 2011

My Love


Love of mine, someday I will see you.
Love of mine, someday I will be you.

Today I sat in a bench, counting the cuts in my skin.
Today I cried, the tears I have worked so hard to hide.

Tomorrow my love, I will see you soon.
Tomorrow my love, Tomorrow at noon.

So part the gloomy clouds, for I say you cannot hold me back.
My love, oh my love, I will join you soon.
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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I Am Sorry !!!



I'm Sorry ♥

I am sorry that I made you cry,
It hurts me so bad that I want to die.
In you I have found a love that is true,
And my heart is filled with love for you.
I am sorry that I have hurt you and you are in pain,
But without you, my life will not be the same.
As I sit here writing this to you,
I am crying, thinking how much I was a fool.
I love you so much and I am sorry that we got into a fight,
I just wish that I could have made it up to you on that night,
I don?t want to break up and I wish we didn?t have this fight,
I just wish that this were so,
I never have loved anyone else as much as I loved you,
I thought that you should know.
I am sorry whatever should I do?
I want to take the time and apologize to you.
You fill my heart with joy, and you make my life complete,
Everytime you come around me my heart skips a beat.
I leave my phone on and I lye by it every night,
Just in case you call me if you feel something is not right.
Every night I think of you as I lye in the dark,
And I close my eyes and I see you holding on to me with your head against my heart.
Before I go and put this poem to an end,
I want to say I am sorry and it will never happen again.

........... I am sorry we fought
And I love you so much
Please forgive me
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