Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I Need You SweetHeart



Like a Desert Needs the Water,
Like a Flower Needs the Rain,
My Soul is Thirsty for your Love,
My Heart Screams out your Name.

Like a Ship Needs a Sailor,
Like the Stars Need the Sky,
You Brighten up My World,
Like the Moon Lights up the Night.

Like a Movie Star Loves Fame,
Like a Poor Man Needs Money,
I Need and Long for your Love,
For your as Sweet as Honey.

When the Twilight is Fading,
And the Sky is Dark with Blue,
Just Remember this One Thing,
Darling, I Really Need you.

M So Proud I Met You,
Would Love to Have You by My Side,
And I just want You to Know,
You Really Light Up My Life..(♥)
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