Monday, 30 April 2012

I Feel So Good With You


I feel so good when you're around,
so much so my feet can't touch the ground,
I know that you'll never say goodbye,
coz your love gives me wings to reach sky,
and sometimes I wonder if this is real,
but, next moment its your love that I feel,
I love you with all my heart and mind,
and for you I can leave everything behind..!!
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I Wonder Wether You Would Stay


I wonder whether you would stay,
because without you I will be lonely,
and I miss you all night and day,
coz its just you who I want to see,
I would never want you to go away,
because you're my love, my destiny,
and I have just one more thing to say,
if there is no you, then there is no me..!!
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